Narcissus I

Corona Del Mar, CA

This Corona Del Mar home focused on integrating open living spaces with an exterior courtyard to take advantage of abundant northern light. The seamless transition from living space to the courtyard is achieved with a custom 90° pocketing door system. When opened, the system creates an uninterrupted indoor/outdoor living area that maximizes the width of this 45' lot. The great room utilizes a traditional half story element with transom windows to filter light into the space from above.

Side Exterior

Concealed within the traditional roof forms is a third floor retreat and rooftop deck, which takes advantage of the topography and vegetation framing views of the Pacific Ocean, Corona del Mar and Jasmine View Park.


A home office bookends the courtyard, and while setting the mass of the second floor back from the courtyard, natural light floods the interiors.

Pocket Door
Living Room
Main Room

Project Stats

Size: Appx. 4,763 S.F.


Architect: Brandon Architects
Builder: Patterson Custom Homes
Interior Designer: Trish Steele

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