Paseo De La Paz

San Juan Capistrano, CA

This contemporary ranch house sits within a hillside community in San Juan Capistrano, California. The existing 1.1 acre property is defined by a steep change in grade and drive approach that separate the existing building pad from the lower yard.

In the design process, we have resolved this barrier by directly connecting the home to the yard through a series of patio terraces. Terracing, in comparison with the single-level home, begins to create an expressive architecture consisting of cantilevering decks, large roof overhangs, large stone walls, and exposed structural steel. An expansive roof canopy extends overhead the outdoor dining terrace blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor.

Modern architecture in compliment with the ranch style creates a warm aesthetic through the use of natural materials such as antiqued stone, natural wood T&G, and exposed heavy timber and steel structure.

Project Stats

Size: Appx. 5,305 SF


Architect: Brandon Architects

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