Ullman Sails Lofts

Newport Beach, CA

Inspiration for the project was taken from the previous structure and the Ullman Sails company. The history of the site and surrounding area were major influences in designing this proposed mixed use development. Ullman Sails has long since moved on to another location and even though the existing building has no historical significance or useful lifespan, the character of its exterior is indicative of the Lido Marina area and the industrial time period. Our design seeks to pay homage to that character and history, and the hope is that the new design once completed could be construed to have saved some portion of the original building. In other words, if someone from the area moved away and then came back to visit after the development was complete they might look at the building and say "wow, look what they did with the old Ullman Sails building!"

Some of these details include the CMU masonry walls, steel windows and doors with small divided panes as well as the large 2-story sliding exterior doors. This mixed use development features 4 residential units and 2 commercial units with a variety of outdoor public and private areas, as well as rich industrial detailing. The surrounding area has an industrial past and although the pattern of development is headed towards more housing and commercial building types we feel it's important to maintain some of the unique industrial character which in turn adds to the rich diversity of the neighborhood and maintains some link to the past.

Project Stats

Size: Appx. 11,000 SF


Architect: Brandon Architects

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