Narcissus IV

Corona Del Mar, CA

This traditional home in Corona Del Mar defies its smaller lot by using an open floor plan, nook dining room seating, and sliding glass doors that connect the main room to the outdoor patio to create a highly-efficient and comfortable living space. The traditional white overhang on the second floor and light brick coloring match the beachy context of the community around it, while bolder interior design accents provide a modern flare. On the second floor, the master bedroom and bath share the streetfront, using large windows and sliding glass doors for ample natural ventilation and light, while the depth of the outdoor deck provides privacy for the homeowner within.

A golden, pinstriped foyer hints at the striking interior design found throughout the home

Under-stair closets and bench seating at the dining table allow the home to maximize each square foot for use

Project Stats

Size: Appx. 3,348 Sq.Ft.


Architect: Brandon Architects
Builder: Patterson Custom Homes
Interior Design: Brooke Wagner Design

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